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Reaching for God together

 In 1920, Reverend Russell T. Clark became the first pastor of the Edmonton Standard Church of America. After decades of ministry and a roller coaster of transitions, one of Edmonton’s early congregations hit a spiritual slump. In late 2012, the Norwood Wesleyan Standard Church found herself in the middle of a serious point of decline without the support of a full-time minister. In light of the situation, the District Board of Administration (DBA) for The Wesleyan Church in the Central Canada District considered closing the doors of what had been told was the second-oldest, active church building in Edmonton. During that particular DBA meeting, General Superintendent, JoAnne Lyon, forwarded a timely resumé on to Reverend Laurence Croswell from a young ministry graduate who was interested in assisting at the Wesleyan church in Edmonton. After a quick interview process, the DBA appointed a new minister to the struggling church. In January 2013, Reverend Lawrence Yadlowski officially introduced Phillip Telfer as the active minister at Norwood Wesleyan Church (NWC).

 Since arriving at NWC, Pastor Phillip and his wife (Kyla Telfer) have taken on the challenge of revitalizing the small, inner-city family church near downtown Edmonton. Diversity is an understatement when describing the beautiful rainbow of people that walk through NWC’s doors every week. The most wonderful aspect of the church’s eclectic attendance is the powerful spirit of acceptance and generosity that drowns out potential perceptions of judgment and prejudice. Many challenges at NWC come in the form of brokenness and captivity. While these personal cracks in the armor can be messy and unpredictable, they are beautiful, because they can be seen. When issues can be seen, they can be confronted. And then, by God’s grace, they can be healed.

 Norwood Wesleyan Church has a vision of Reaching for God together by reaching UP, reaching IN, and reaching OUT. Each person who attends a service is challenged to reach UP for personal relationship with God through regular Bible study and prayer. Weekly meals and community nights encourage people to reach IN and develop personal relationships among other members of the church family. And monthly service events in the local community give people meaningful opportunities to reach OUT and offer personal relationship to others with Jesus’ love.

If you would like to support the church family at Norwood, please write to Pastor Phillip (, and ask to be added to the NWC prayer letter.

 You may give to this ministry through Cornerstone as part of your tax-receiptable offerings.

Pastor Phillip and Kyla Telfer