Intentional Interaction

Each of us will find ourselves involved in different forms of interaction with people almost everyday. Whether it is talking with our family, engaging with people at work, telling stories together on the playing field or enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting with a good friend we are interacting.  At CWC we want to be very intentional with our interactions in order to share life and faith together.

Just started this year - get plugged in with a growgroup!  Our growgroups are offered weekly at different times and days, and different locations including North Gower, Kemptville and Manotick.  Get connected today! 


Whether it is through times of discussing God’s Word in a group, entering into a one on one mentoring relationship with another, inviting another person or family over for a meal, or stopping at the coffee shop with a friend, intentional interaction allows us to talk about life and God. So often it is easy to talk about our favourite song, television show, family, or sports team, those things which excite us. We want to encourage you to develop the practice of intentional interaction to allow God and your faith to become something which is exciting to talk about and share with others.  

Also join us for our next growtogether potluck lunch coming up February 12 following the Sunday morning service.