World Hope Canada

World Hope Canada is a Christian relief and development organization. Wesleyan in theology all of their activities are infused with the Spirit and example of Jesus Christ. Their mission is to work with national partners to develop and implement life changing strategies that will empower people with opportunities, create dignity and inspire hope by addressing poverty and its many effects. Their philosophy of ministry is to partner with national people; after all, who knows the language, culture and challenges faced by the people any better than someone from their own country! This has been a very effective ministry model for World Hope Canada.

Committed to transforming the world together with their international partners, their programs support community development, health care, education and clean water and sanitation. As well, they have a focus on human trafficking and protecting vulnerable children.

 World Hope Canada works in 6 different countries: Burkina Faso, D.R. Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Swaziland and Ukraine. With your help, they bring opportunity, dignity and hope to children around the world. 

For more information, please go to or contact them at 1-877-482-1499. You can also join the WHC Facebook page by clicking here.

You can support WHC through Cornerstone as part of your tax-receiptable offerings.